Well what can i say . My emotions are
wack . I get jealous alot , i tend to
overthink. Your really beautiful. & for
that , you get alot of attention . & when
other guys make you happy , it makes me
feel that , they make you happier than i
do. I get jealous alot dear mine & i’m pretty
sure you already know that. And while i
try to make you happy, it seems like you
refuse it. But when other guys make you
happy , you accept it with all means.
There’s nothing wrong with you being
happy though , i actually love it! but .. it
seems your never happy with me. i try my
best :/ but yeah. your perfect dear mine .
without a doubt. and i feel like i bother
you sometimes & i’m sorry. I’m sorry for ,
being jealous , overthinking. I should
know that your mine & mine only right?
but its just thoughts that kill me. It
seems i’m not your #1 anymore either.
ugh i sound so stupid. I wanna be yours
forever dear mine . & your mine forever too.
but, i feel like im a sideline dear mine :/
sometimes i feel you try to hide our
relationship. but it’s whatever though. you
told me to express my feelings and here i
am . i don’t expect you to change at all
for me. i just want you to know. that im
REALLY afraid to lose you. i say it alot ,
but i really am. no doubt. i see you in my
future ALL the time. & i don’t wanna lose
that picture of my future either. i love
you dear mine ❤



Coming to think of it…I never really

believed in love. I mean… I thought I did

at some point in life, but I don’t think I

believed in the right thing. Recently

noted, most people my age live with

notions that Romeo and Juliet died and

took with them the remaining love in the

world. Other of my friends do believe in

love but only in front of their mates…if

you know what I mean

Honestly speaking, the behavior disturbs

me a lot and even though i try to make it

known in a polite way…seems that it

never really gets to them. Believing in love

is the worst mistake anyone can ever

make…actually holding on dearly to the

belief that your first love is the only

chance you have at loving and being

loved back.

Too many movies damage our thinking…

make us call the love we share with our

mates imperfect…just because we do not

go to fancy restaurants for dinner, or go

for deep sea diving. I think all a

relationship needs…however simple it is…

is appreciation. Simply place that face to

the image you always dreamt of…let her

know how you love her every second you

are together and even more when you

are apart. Tell her she is beautiful…mean

it…don’t always expect a thank you…

instead, just enjoy seeing her smile and

feel like she would marry you that

instance…if everything else in the world

was kept constant however.

Lately every cheaters excuse…not

reason…is that at some point in life they

were heartbroken. I say that is just a

biiiiig pile of C#@p!!!!! Just one person

and you decide to hurt every other

person who comes into your life????

Believe me, God will judge you!!! Even

worse, the assumption that even the

other person is doing what they are

doing accelerates the “faithfulness.”

Anyway, back to me…I don’t think

anything was meant to be perfect. At

least not to everyone else. All it needs to

be is perfect to you…live for it…lie for it…if

at times it hurts so bad that you want to

cry…think of the good times that forever

out do the bad times…

What I’m trying to say is, quit believing in

love already!!! Be the other kind of

person..try what works…believe in the

girl or boy you share the “whatever you

call it” with. After all, they were the

source of love that everyone once

believed in.


♧♧♧tosh ♣♣♣



I have brains and at the same time i have my
hair locked call me a rebel but i dont care actually
people criticize me why i hav locs and when i ask
them why they criticize me they say “huwezi pata
kazi na hio nywele “and the next question that
comes in my head is hw many kenyans have their
hair cut and short in the name of being smart and
representable and are jobles and with no brain to hire
themselves or do something for themselves anyway
am a free man and watch this space who am
gonna be in 5years time am not a slave to anyone
and i don’t follow the codes am just a humble
african doing what others africans are afraid of ,and btw i got a cute and natural hair .

Key Thing Millionare Do

Many big time entrepreneurs began with very little
cash and very few customers. They faced many
seasons of out flows only, before little trickles of
income begun to dropping in. For many business
ideas, this lean period is a sure death bed
especially when first time entrepreneurs with little
faith are driving them.
The cash flow management challenge is much
bigger than just the tribulations in a start-up lean
period. Indeed it is easier to control the little cash
being pulled in all directions by creditors demand
during this season, than it is to control a lot of
cash in hand when the mind has acquired peace
and purchases are now being pushed by their
emotions and not the mind. Is there a reason why
this path of self-renewal is common among the
well to do people?
David Cote, CEO Honeywell, one man with a story
to tell, advises thus that you must first recognise
the importance of people and your own behaviors.
Be self-aware.
All great products and services start out as a
simple ideas formulated either in a boardroom, or
sometimes in a meeting of one person with
himself while taking a shower, or a walk or many
other thought provoking situations. Ideas are
seldom forced. They arrive in the least expected
situations whether or not you have the cash to
realise them. All an entrepreneur needs is an idea
whose desire has reached the level of enthusiasm
and he or she has the persistence to wear away
mountains and the self-assurance to believe they
can succeed to start off. As they face the cash
drought challenge, to continue working at an idea,
they must learn quickly to work their idea out
from other peoples’ resources. In the early stages,
business out flows are naturally larger than
inflows, one because the business is growing fast
and consuming more cash into working capital
and fixed assets, and most importantly because
the market is still small. This business stage
requires great skill to handle both the cash and
partner businesses. This must be done well to
gain foot space in the next acres of the market.
Every business person at this stage suffers some
credibility gap with very few partner businesses
willing to offer them credit terms, because they
have not built a bankable cash flow and business
reputation to attract other people’s resource. And
while the cash is running low and reputation is
stretched, they still have to foot their daily life
expenses and meet the business cash needs to
grow to the next level. It is all in the mind Take
toll of people you interact with in the office, or
business and you will shockingly learn that they
do not come from rich families. Naturally, their
socialisation and experience with big money is
comparatively limited. Like Thomas Stanley and
William found out in a research recorded in the
book Millionaire Next Door, the affluent people
typically follow a lifestyle conducive for
accumulating money. “Millionaires have learnt
over time to take control of their emotions and
which have resulted in a strong control of their
cash flow through frugal financial behaviours;
upcoming entrepreneurs have no experience with
this in their early lives.
Cash flow
Cash flow is defined as streams of cash coming
in as income and going out as expenses.
Controlling your cash flow means that you first
take control of the sources of your income, and
then where to spend it in that order. For a small
business owner, this may mean considering
business expansion before considering large
spending on a home in a key address or that fleet
of toys. Many small businesses have been
strangled to death by their owners who divert the
much needed cash flow from businesses to
acquire their dream homes and other toys sooner
than the business can afford alongside cash
demand for growth.

Morning Dose 20150614…APPLY WISDOM


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If Everything Fails Wisdom Will Not, Therefore Apply Wisdom.

Wisdom is a must in the school of success. Knowledge is good, but wisdom is needful. Knowledge is information but wisdom is the principal thing, that’s why it is called application. What you learn or know does not count, it is what you do that does. Wisdom is the acquisition and application of relevant knowledge in your field. That is why procrastination and doubt are the greatest enemies in the University of Life. Procrastination will not allow you to act and doubt will sow the seed of discouragement in you.

Houses are built on wisdom. Life is good on wisdom. Expectation becomes reality by wisdom. Answer surface on the platform of wisdom. Success is a product of wisdom. This is the secret, without wisdom life is doomed.

As you launch today, I want you to apply wisdom in all that…

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Love me…. but do you
know HOW to love? If you
love me heart emoticon , then you wanna
be with me every moment
your free…… If you love me
you will know me… my fears, my doubts, my dreams and my
aspirations… If its me who
must ask, must
follow up, must
anticipate….. then it’s not love….. it’s called being a
groupie…. and the difference is huge…




Dear Mum
I hav decided 2 talk 2 u,
2 let u knw my feelings.
I want 2 knw why u did it.
My story is short.
I hav stayed inside u 4 only three mnths.
I was very comfortable & warm.
I felt really protected.
I knw u are a special person because I ate the
food u ate.
I longed 4 the day I would see ur
Nine mnths was a long time 2 wait,
but I was determined 2 wait.
I had to be patient.
One day I heard you converse with a
man about me,
And at some stage you quarreled.
The man then offered you some money to get
rid of me.
I was happy and prayed that this meant that I
would at least see you,
The only person that I knew in the world:
I was wrong.
I had almost forgotten the issues until I felt
something sharp pierce my tiny ear.
I jerked silently and in pain,
And asked you to protect me.
Seconds later the object came,
fiercer than before.
My whole tiny body was cut off,
starting from the ears then arms and legs.
It was an agonizing experience,
my head was then cut off and I died.
It took me a whole hour to die,
a whole hour for an innocent three months
human being to be
I remember the whole incidence vividly and I
keep asking myself,
what I did to deserve that cruel death?
Why me?
Why did you do it to me?
And why was I not given a chance to
I know you are having a lot of nightmares.
You remain guilty for thebeastly act.
Please explain to your God why you
committed the heinous act.
Personally I have forgiven you though I never
lived to see your face.
My journey to back to my creator was safe and I
arrived safely.
I was given a red carpet welcome by
an angel.
I am infact,without bitterness.
I still love you mum.
Give likes to our dear mums for taking care of us….. I love u mum….



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I was in the restaurant yesterday
when I suddenly realized I
desperately needed to pass gas.
The music was really, really loud, so
I timed my gas with the beat of the
After a couple of songs, I started to
feel better. I finished my coffee,
and noticed that everybody was
staring at me…
Then I suddenly remembered that I
was listening to my iPod.